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For those who want to become a certified Overhead Crane Operator, Fulford will deliver a theory and practical skills assessment. These assessments are based on the material included in the Overhead Crane Operator Fundamentals training course.

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Theory Exam

written test covering:

  • Hand signals

  • Overhead crane components

  • Pre-Operation inspection

  • Lock out procedures

  • Overhead crane operation


Practical Assessment

Five assessment areas covering:

  • Hand signals

  • Engaging the disconnect

  • Pre-Operational inspection

  • Controlled overhead crane operation target course

  • Shut down procedures


  1. Successful candidates receive the Overhead Crane Operator Certificate of Competence photo ID wallet card – valid for 5 years

  2. Overhead Crane Operator hardhat sticker


Please contact us to discuss your requirements



Overhead Crane Operator Certification
ohco certificate of competence card
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