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Do you have a crane onsite or are considering keeping one on location?

If so let us help you put your people in the seat. Eliminate scheduling, eliminate site access, maintain highest level of site safety, save money, respond to requirements immediately.  Ask us how we can get your people certified for you site location.

The Level D Limited Scope Certificate is held by the employer on behalf of the employee and is not transferable between worksites or employers. Should the Level D crane operator leave the employ of the employer named on the Level D Certificate, the Certificate is invalidated.

Level D certification permits operators to operate any crane(s) for which they have successfully completed an in-house competency certification program at the worksite indicated on the application form and the certificate.


  • Valid for single employer worksite only. Non employees of the identified employer cannot be working with or around the crane operated.

  • The employer is responsible for all lifts.

  • No critical lifts are permitted, as defined by WorkSafeBC regulation.

  • The certificate is not transferable to other sites or employers. If the operator leaves the employ of the employer named on the card, the certificate is no longer valid.

  • The operator may only perform lifts determined and trained for by the employer.

  • The operator can operate only on the worksite designated by the employer.




The employer must be prepared to show evidence that the operator has received training for the specified crane(s) operated.


Please contact us to discuss your requirements



2 cranes parked in a snowy parking lot
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